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The reporting seasons correspond to the reporting seasons of North American Birds:

Winter: 1 December-28 (29) February
Spring: 1 March-31 May
Summer: 1 June-31 July
Fall: 1 August-30 November

The goal of the AZFO seasonal reports is to accumulate useful data of good quality about bird distribution of new, unusual, or otherwise noteworthy bird observations from all regions of Arizona. We seek your help in collecting reliable information on the seasonal and geographic distribution of individual species and their nesting activity, early and late arrival dates, irruptions, unusually high or low concentrations, and birds found in unexpected habitats or areas of the state.

While there is some emphasis on less common species, noteworthy information on any species is welcome. For instance, House Sparrows nesting atop Humphrey’s Peak would be of interest while House Sparrows in your yard would not. A White-winged Dove north of the Mogollon Rim would be of interest; one in Douglas would not. However, if a wintering population of 100+ White-winged Doves were observed in Sierra Vista, that would be noteworthy. Other examples include: New state, region or county breeding records, new state, region or county winter records, peak migration or high winter concentration numbers in an area, early arrival or late departure records for the state, region, or county, species wintering or summering further north than usual, and reports of irruptive species such as Brown Pelican, Lewis’s Woodpecker, corvids, nuthatches, high-elevation resident species in the lowlands, etc.

References for determining what may be valuable information include range maps in the latest field guides, the Arizona Breeding Bird Atlas (2005), The Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Arizona (1981), your local bird-finding guidebook, and your own experience with the birds of your area. While we hope to cast a wide net to capture a wide variety of observations from all across the state, we do not seek to compile all sightings of all species.

A link to the Regions Map is listed in the right-hand column. However, reports are submitted, they are due no later than two weeks after the end of the season. Regional coordinators sift through all the reported observations and prepare regional reports, which are placed together with a statewide introduction. These reports are available publicly on the AZFO website.

Links for documenting observations of very rare “Review Species” to the Arizona Bird Committee (ABC) and rare “sketch detail” species to the Arizona editors of North American Bird are on this page.

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Fox Sparrow
Boyce Thompson Arboretum
November 2002
Photo by Kurt Radamaker



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